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You have probably heard a lot about virtual care recently, perhaps more than anticipated.  At times, the amount of information, and the number of options, can be overwhelming.  A health care practice and the patient-provider interaction is complex.  So are the significant number of moving parts to consider, for example the obvious like privacy and security, and the not-so-obvious like compliance with legislation and workflow considerations for providers and staff.

Having served and supported clinics with electronic medical record and virtual care vendor selection, implementation and optimization, we are here to continue to be a resource during this time of pandemic and an accelerated transition to virtual care.  Our focus today is helping you to select the most appropriate virtual care solution, and our focus in the coming weeks will be on providing advice to guide implementation and optimal use of chosen solutions.

Virtual Care

Virtual care describes a number of means by which health care professionals remotely interact with their patients, including telemedicine, live video, and instant messaging. The current COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the pace at which professionals must offer this type of care.  Each practice context is unique, each vendor product has strengths and weaknesses, and careful consideration must be applied to selection of the most appropriate virtual care solution.

In response to numerous requests to provide support for professionals to help them select the right virtual care solution for their practice context, and in an attempt to support as many professionals as possible, this website has been developed to provide useful information to enable an understanding of virtual care options, and to support with vendor and product solution.  In most cases, the vendor information on each profile page has been prepared by the vendors.  Material on this website is intended to complement and supplement some of the resource material prepared by various medical associations across the country.

How to Use this Website

We invite you to review the information presented on this website.  There is a comparative table summarizing key aspects of virtual care vendor solution options.  Additional considerations are provided that, based upon our experience, should inform decision-making.   A link to a vendor profile page is accessible from the comparative table, and where available a video demonstration of the product and its capabilities is provided. We have a close working relationship with many leading virtual care vendors, and should you wish to have us support your decision, and even contact vendors on your behalf to assist with obtaining the best pricing and terms, please fill out the contact form to initiate this process.  Please note there is no fee to health care professionals for this service, and any service fees will be paid by the selected vendors. Objective decision support will be provided, as we do not have any preferred relationships with any virtual care product vendors.

About Us

Carveira Group Consulting Inc. is an Edmonton, AB based consulting firm serving public and private sector clients. It was founded in 2014 by Chris Carvalho who is a leading digital health expert and has over a decade of experience working in the health technology and innovation sectors. Carveira Group specializes in digital health strategy and implementation and has worked with clients globally. Over the past decade Chris has guided a variety of clients through numerous (50+) clinical information system projects, working with clients in family and specialist clinics to large acute care facilities. He has worked extensively in the primary care community leading multiple EMR implementations across Western Canada with individual clinics, Primary Care Networks, and Regional Health Authorities. This experience has been used to build the unique strategic and implementation frameworks that are deployed in every client engagement.

Over the past year, Carveira Group has been focused on initiatives related to the implementation of virtual care solutions, recognizing the immanent shift in the way that virtual tools would transform care delivery. The current COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the need for virtual care tools and Carveira Group has made it a core focus to assist clients in understanding and selecting the most appropriate tool for their clinics and patients.

Experience Highlights

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Carveira Group has helped to transform how we provide services to our residents and patients living in continuing care centers across Alberta.

Derrick Bernardo,
President, Covenant Care + Covenant Living

Chris is a trusted digital health expert who facilitates digital transformations to disrupt and improve healthcare delivery – keeping the patient and clinician at the centre of the conversation. I have worked with Chris on a number of health innovation projects over the past year, all of which have been successful due to his technical expertise, strong understanding of the health care system, transparent approach and ability to lead strategy and implementation. At a time when our system needs to shift to more digital solutions, Chris will be someone you can trust to have your best interests at heart.

Jackie Nelson,
Director, Strategic Initiatives - Health and Life Sciences, NorQuest College

Vendor Comparison









Think Research

P2P Doctor


InTouch Health




Secure Messaging (Provider <-> Patient)
Secure Messaging (Provider <-> Provider)
Secure Video
Video with Multiple Participants
Ability to change providers during/after visit
Online Scheduler
Secure Patient Portal
Provider Charting
ePrescribing/Fax to Pharmacy
EMR Integration
Patient/Provider Access
Mobile App
Web Portal
Privacy & Security
PHIPA Compliance
Data Encryption (rest and transit)
Provincial Compliance/PIA Submission
Servers in Canada
Live Technical Support
White Labeling
Pricing - Free subscription/use$ $ $ $ FREE$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

Please click on a vendor table heading to view a more detailed profile or click here for a PDF version of this Vendor Comparison Table.


Although there is a current push towards selecting and implementing a virtual care solution, it is important to ensure that a number of factors are fully considered and discussed before a selection is made. The following list provides details on some of the common considerations that should be explored during the virtual care solution process:

Workflow Considerations – Have you determined the appropriate use cases for virtual care within your clinic? Many providers are interested in implementing a solution to allow them to continue operating in a manner that was similar to the way that in-person visits are conducted. However, before a selection is made careful considerations should be made on how and when virtual care will be used.

Secure Messaging vs. Video – Many solutions offer video capabilities which leads providers to assume that video is the appropriate solution for all cases. However, there are a number of visits that may only require interaction by secure messaging between a patient and provider. Careful consideration on the type of virtual care solution is important to ensure that workload is manageable and patient interactions are conducted with the appropriate medium.

Online Scheduling Capabilities – Given that many providers are utilizing EMRs or electronic charting tools that come with scheduling capabilities, it is important to determine if online scheduling within the virtual solution is important. In many cases this will require duplication of entry, even if minimal, to ensure that encounters are recorded in the EMR and virtual care solution.

EMR Integration vs. Parallel Virtual Solutions – The EMR integration capabilities varies greatly between virtual care providers. It is important to consider if EMR integration is a critical requirement for your solution or a system that provides that infrastructure and capabilities to deliver virtual visits alongside your existing EMR will be sufficient.

Privacy & Security – Although the majority of vendors will have similar privacy and security credentials, it is important to fully understand the due diligence that each vendor has completed. Provincial privacy compliance and regulations vary and although vendors may appear to have similar qualifications some may have completed additional steps to ensure full compliance.

Additional factors should be considered to ensure that the best product and service is selected for your clinic and your patients. By completing the intake form, recommendations will be sent to you on a potential fit for your unique situation.

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Please submit the information below if you would like for us to review your needs and practice context. Based upon our experience, we will suggest the most appropriate virtual care solution for your practice, as well as provide next steps regarding how we can help with your selection and implementation.  Please note that there are no fees for health care professionals for this service.

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