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Vendor Profile: Livecare Connect


Livecare is a telehealth company that has been in operation since 2012.  The company is a pioneer of telehealth in Canada. Livecare was acquired in January 2020 by CloudMD Software and Services Inc.

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How to Schedule a Consult

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Product Overview

Livecare Connect is a telehealth platform utilized by health care practicioners and allied health professionals for interactions with patients/citizens.

Key Features:

  • Ease of set up and ability for healthcare professionals to start using the platform
  • End to end encryption.
  • Servers are in secure data centres in Canada, no information leaves Canada
  • The only patient information data stored is for technical support and troubleshooting – this includes a unique 9 digit code for each appointment, where the provider is able to connect the call, the duration of the call and the satisfaction level given by the provider at the end of the call.
  • Ability to handle 1-1 encounters but also multiple participants i.e. if you want to bring in a specialist or parent if the encounter is for a child
  • Support secure messaging
  • Fully PHIPA/PIPEDA compliant
  • File sharing
  • Online waiting room
  • EMR agnostic

Other Services:

Livecare can also provide Pre-configured Telehealth carts to achieve real-time diagnostic input and clinical evaluations. Carts can be configured with the peripherals needed for your practice, such as:-.

  • General Examination Camera
  • Digital Macro View Otoscope
  • ENT Scope
  • Dermascope
  • Electronic Stethoscope
  • Vital Signs Monitor (blood pressure, pulse, temperature, oxygen saturation)

Being part of the CloudMD Group, the following additional solutions and services:-

  1. For users of our Juno EMR platform (www.junoemr.com), which is an Oscar based platform (with enhanced user interfaces and workflows), they also include Clinicaid billing (www.clinicaid.ca/) and MyHealthAccess (MHA) – www.myhealthaccess.ca  – both a scheduling and telehealth platform. All three are fully integrated – so for instance if a patient wants to schedule an appointment, they see the real time status in MHA and once they’ve selected their appointment, it is updated in Juno real-time (as well as being able to see in Juno EMR if it’s a telehealth encounter). Further, for our Juno EMR clients, we are offering MyHealthAccess telehealth for free until July 1st.
  2. CloudMD telehealth service (www.cloudmd.ca) which is available in BC and Ontario.https://finance.yahoo.com/news/telemedicine-app-cloudmd-launches-ontario-113010024.html


Livecare can be and is utilised in all Provinces in Canada.


Secure Messaging:

Livecare provides a secure and private alternative to SMS. Send & receive messages without having to share personal phone numbers or email for both patients and providers.

Secure Video:

Livecare Connect has end to end encryption built in for all video visits services.


Scheduling can be completed directly within the Livecare Connect platform. Patient contacts the healthcare provider for an appointment and an appointment is scheduled in the EMR or Livecare Connect platform. Online visit is automatically created and patient receives an email with the booking link. Patient just clicks on the link and then waits in the vitual waiting room (it isn’t necessary to download an app).

Visit Triage:

Patients can enter their symptoms/reason for visit in Livecare Connect, but any triage will be done by the MOA or Healthcare professional.


Livecare Connect is EMR agnostic, however they have established integration with Oscar. OSCAR15 and Livecare Connect integration enables one way scheduling only integration.


  • OSCAR 15 EMR and “Connect” active user account created for the doctor
  • A staff user account with admin privilege is set up on OSCAR EMR
  • Patients need to validate their email address in their demographics under OSCAR EMR


  • Livecare sends details of changes required by the clinic on OSCAR 15 EMR
  • Clinic or OSP of the clinic makes the necessary changes
  • Clinic sends back the information to Livecare
  • Livecare makes required changes on “Connect organization” for the clinic and providers
  • Clinic tests the integration by scheduling an appointment on OSCAR EMR which will populate in Connect


  • Appointment booked on OSCAR EMR populates in “Livecare Connect”
  • Patient receives an appointment email

They have a similar integration with Profile EMR and are the recommended Telehealth platform by Intrahealth.

Privacy & Security


Livecare Connect does not store any Patient Identifiable Data. Additionally, the platform uses bank-grade data security with servers hosted in Canadian facilities, Livecare Connect meets national healthcare security standards.

Compliance Achieved:

Livecare Connect has PIA certification for Alberta, BC and Saskatchewan and under application in Ontario. They comply with PIPA/PIPEDA standards.

Location of Servers:

Servers are hosted in a secure Data Centre in Toronto, ON with a failover to a Data Centre in Vancouver, BC. The stringent physical security features of the facilities include proximity card controls, video surveillance, 24/7 on-site security, uninterruptible power supply and automated fire suppression. Multiple tiered firewalls and multiple high speed (four) ISP connections help secure incoming traffic. RU Networks (Livecare’s provider) operates within the Data Centre operated by Cologix, which has been (and is) audited, and approved, by KPMG.

Workflow Considerations


One of the key benefits for Livecare Connect is it’s ability to be part of standard clinical workflows. Livecare “out of the box” is utilized by a range of healthcare professionals from GP’s, psychiatrists through to physios and counsellors.

Generally recommended is for healthcare professionals to use desktop/tablets, while patients can use smartphones/tablets depending on the nature of the encounter.

Pricing Options


The standard approach is a monthly per provider subscription basis. For larger Customers, Enterprise pricing can be arranged.

Current Offerings:

During this time of COVID-19 pandemic, a special offer is available.  

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Information on this page was provided by the vendor or summarized from vendor websites.