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Vendor Profile: MEDEO


Medeo Virtual Care provides a secure way to engage with patients using protected online messaging, file sharing, and video visits. Consultations, expedited specialist referrals, injury and pain management, mental health counselling, prescription renewals, and more can all be done through Medeo.

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Product Overview


Medeo Virtual Care allows providers to expand their practice and reach patients in remote areas.

Key Features:

  • Built with bank-grade security standards and military-grade encryption.
  • Secure messaging and video conferencing
  • Securely email patients about clinic notes and instructions
  • Triage patients remotely by sending patients screening questionnaires
  • Simple to learn and use, makes clinic management easier
  • Access is via desktop or mobile (iOS and Android devices)
  • Upload files securely
  • Secure messaging for prescription renewal, lab results reviews, and quick follow-ups
  • Video appointments for chronic care, injury, pain management, and counselling follow-ups
  • Online booking

Other Services:

MEDEO offers EMR Migration, Advisors, and Specialists.


MEDEO is available nationwide in Canada.


Secure Messaging:

Medeo provides secure messaging between providers and patients. Patients can respond but not initiate a conversation.

Secure Video:

Medeo offers secure video appointments.


Virtual appointments can be scheduled via the MEDEO Provider web application.

Visit Triage:

Providers can triage patients by sending patients screening questionnaires in advance of the visit.


Partnered with AccuroEMR Software (largest EMR platform in Canada). AccuroEMR Modules include: Patient Charts; Medical Billing Software; Appointment Scheduling; Labs and Imaging, Forms, Letter Generation, Prescriptions; Traffic Manager and Waitlist; Mobile EMR; Clinic Data reports; Data Sharing (https://accuroemr.com/).

Privacy & Security


Medeo meets data privacy and protection standards and follows guidelines from medical authorities.

Video conferences use end-to-end encryption to secure the call between the healthcare provider’s computer and the patient’s computer or mobile device. All communication between users and servers is secured using industry-standard TLS 1.3 encryption.

Compliance Achieved:

MEDO has completed the required provincial privacy and security compliance and detailed information can be found here.

Location of Servers:

Medeo’s proprietary data and computer infrastructure is wholly-owned and managed by QHR technologies, and located at two secure data centres in Toronto, ON and Kelowna, BC.

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