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Vendor Profile: PurposeMed


PurposeMed offers aa secure platform for video visits that can work alongside current systems. The offering also includes waiting room capabilities to allow providers to manage visits.

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Product Overview


PurposeMed provides a platform to allow physicians to provide on demand access to virtual care by permitting patients and providers to interact via secure video.

Key Features:

PurposeMed offers:

  1. Secure platform for video visits that can work alongside current systems
  2. Waiting room capabilities to allow providers to manage visits

Other Services:

In addition to the platform, PurposeMed provides compliance support and PIA Development for clients.


PurposeMed is currently only available in Alberta but will be expanding to other provinces in the near future.


Secure Messaging:

PurposeMed currently does not offer secure messagings capabilities but will be included in a future release of the software.

Secure Video:

The PurposeMed platform offers secure video through the web platform.


The platform is designed to work along-side existing workflows and scheduling applications and does not have capabilities to schedule directly within the application.

Visit Triage:

When an encounter begins the patient is triaged by video by any member of the care team (e.g., MOA, RN, Physician).


Although there is currently no integration capabilities, PurposeMed was designed to operate along-side existing systems.

Privacy & Security

Compliance Achieved:

PurposeMed is HIPPA and PIPEDA compliant and has submitted a PIA in Alberta.

Location of Servers:

PurposeMed servers are located in Canada.

Privacy/Compliance Training Available:


Workflow Considerations


The PurposeMed product was designed to ensure that it could operate seamlessly along-side existing systems and workflows. The PurposeMed team will work with clinic staff to ensure that workflows are fully developed prior to implementation.

Pricing Options


PurposeMed is free of charge for providers that are offering virtual care to an existing clinic/patient panel. For providers that are interested in on-demand virtual care services, the PurposeMed platform is offered at a monthly fee.

Current Offerings:

Free of charge for providers utilizing the PurposeMed platform.

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