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Vendor Profile: Think Research


For over a decade, Think Research has driven health care innovation and efficiencies by streamlining clinical practices and improving patient outcomes. Their mission is to organize the world’s health knowledge so that everyone gets the best care. ThinkResearch were founded in 2006 by Dr. Chris O’Connor, a practicing critical care physician at Trillium Health Partners in Mississauga. Since then, they have grown to more than 200 staff and have expanded across Canada, the US, Middle East, and Europe.

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Product Overview

Service Lines:

Think Research offers products and solutions for the following:

  • Mental health
  • Chronic disease management
  • Primary care telemedicine platform
  • Outpatient care

Key Features:

Think Research offers a number of features within the virtual care solution, including:

  1. Support for provincial billing codes
  2. Privacy & security compliance
  3. Visit summary reports
  4. Management of visits asynchronously using messaging
  5. Wide range of triage, assessment, and workflow functionality
  6. Ability to send to HRM (Ontario)
  7. Account management for dependants (including seniors and children)
  8. 24/7 Help desk
  9. 24-hour deployment for providers
  10. Analytics and reporting to monitor aggregate population health trends
  11. White-label capability that can match the branding of the native system, including logo, etc.

Other Services:

In addition to the virtual care technology, Think Research also provides the following services:

  • Workflow consulting
  • Practice deployment (i.e., clinical decision support, order sets, etc.)
  • Dynamic digital forms for eConsents and other electronic data capture
  • eReferrals (integrated with Telus PSS, Acurro, and OSCAR)


Think Research is available in all Canadian Provinces.


Secure Messaging:

The Think Research VirtualCare Platform has the ability to switch modalities before and during the virtual visit between messaging, audio, and video. Providers have the ability to manage multiple patients at the same time through asynchronous messaging, building the capacity of a single physician while making it easy to toggle between patients.

Secure Video:

The Think Research VirtualCare platform provides secure, high-quality video capabilities.


The Think Research VirtualCare platform has scheduling capabilities with two key workflows:

  • Patient requests visits (defines the reason for visit, allows patient to put in notes, etc.)
  • Physician/Administrator sets up visit

Visit Triage:

The platform can be managed by an Administrator that triages visits to the appropriate provider based on their schedule and specialty. In the event that customization is required, workflows can be adjusted to meet the needs of the provider.


Upon request and the willingness of the EMR vendor, Think Research can work with the vendor to complete EMR integration. Examples of this integration include PCC and MedeCare in the long-term care space.

Privacy & Security


Think Research takes a proactive approach to privacy and security from a technical, operational, and personnel perspectives. Every employee undergoes privacy and security training specific to their role during on boarding, and then on a regular, annual basis. Individuals that require access to PHI and PI as part oft their job function and responsibilities must also successfully pass a criminal background check. In terms of VirtualCare-specific risk mitigation strategies, the solution has undergone both a PIA and TRA.

Compliance Achieved:

The Think Research VirtualCare platform is HIPAA/PHIPA compliant and undergone both a PIA and TRA.

Location of Servers:

Servers are located in Canada.

Privacy/Compliance Training Available:

Think Research carries out an on boarding process that walks the client through how to use the platform and Privacy and Security considerations.

Workflow Considerations


The platform was initially built to serve community providers. As such, the approach was taken to understand the providers’ needs when building the platform. The technology was meant to build capacity of community providers as opposed to replacing them with private providers.

Since the inception of the platform, the solution has been used in many other environments, including outpatient care and long-term care. Think Research task a flexible approach to workflows, understanding that every facility will have different needs.

Pricing Options


Think Research provides the VirtualCare platform on a cost per named user per month model.

Current Offerings:

During this time of COVID-19 pandemic, a special offer is available.  

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