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Vendor Profile: WelTel


WelTel provides a virtual care platform for use within a clinical setting.  Their technology includes secure video, two-way texting, a triage system, a Patient Portal, a Virtual Care Scheduler, and Data Analytics.  They work to improve patient engagement by strengthening the patient-provider relationship and enhancing the virtual patient journey.

Headquarters: Vancouver, BC

Company Size: 12 employees

Founded in: 2005


Website: www.weltelhealth.com

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Product Overview

Service Lines:

  • Virtual care platform for use within a clinical setting.

Key Features:

  • Two-way texting platform connects patients with their provider via mobile phone.
  • Patient Portal – provides patients access to care plans, relevant documentation, educational resources, and options for booking and changing appointments.
  • Virtual Care Scheduler – allows for flexibility in scheduling on-call and on-demand virtual encounters from any device.
  • Data Analytics – algorithm triages incoming messages according to the level of follow-up required and provides real-time configurable data visualisation metrics.
  • Improves patient engagement by strengthening the patient-provider relationship and enhances the patient journey, improves health literacy, and improves patient outcomes.
  • Clinical Trials and Research Support – improve study participant engagement and trial adherence through automated communication and data collection.

Other Services:



WelTel is available nationwide in Canada.


Secure Messaging:

WelTel offers a secure, two-way texting platform between patients and providers.

Secure Video:

WelTel provides clinicians with the ability to conduct video visits with patients.


The Virtual Care Scheduler provides flexibility in scheduling on-demand and on-call virtual visits from within the WelTel platform.

Visit Triage:

For on-demand visits, WelTel’s algorithm triages incoming messages according to the level of follow-up required.


WelTel’s open APIs can facilitate connections and integrations across systems to ensure data are usable and readily available to share without additional intervention by the end user. WelTel promotes an interoperable approach in its deployment and through open application program interfaces (APIs) can integrate with any electronic system.

Privacy & Security


A highly secure platform that is compliant with major Canadian, US, EU, and African privacy and security regulations including HIPAA, PIPA, PIPEDA, and GDPR. The company works to ensure CSF HITRUST including ISO/IEC 27001 certifications. WelTel’s software including all data can be hosted exclusively within any health jurisdiction to meet local requirements. WelTel’s Infrastructure is hosted and maintained on secure cloud servers. Additionally, hosting the platform’s infrastructure on secure cloud servers is advantageous in case of power outages or other unanticipated events that could lead to the loss of important data and hinder the operation of the platform. WelTel’s secure technology connects patients to their providers from any device to any device, anytime, anywhere.

Compliance Achieved:

HIPAA, PIPA, PIPEDA, and GDPR compliant.

Location of Servers:

Servers are located in Canada.

Privacy/Compliance Training Available:


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